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Economically Priced Spectroradiometers with Research Grade Specifications!


  • Two Ranges Available:
    • Standard: 250 nm to 900 nm
    • VIS: 360 nm to 850 nm
  • 2.4 nm Resolution
  • NIST-Traceable Calibration Included
  • Typical spectroradiometer applications include:
    • Plant Growth/PAR/Plant Photobiology
    • Characterization of UV Curing Systems
    • Photostability Testing
    • Accelerated Weathering
    • Radiometery and Photometry Measurements
    • LED Illumination and Color Analysis
    • Absorbance/Transmittance
    • Reflectance
    • Fluorescence 


ILT550 Spectroradiometer - 250-900 nm (calibration options: single source 200-350 nm or 350-900 nm, dual cal 200-900 nm)

ILT550V Spectroradiometer - 360-850 nm (calibration: 360-850 nm) 





Two Spectral ranges:

Integration Time: 6 ms-2 s

  • Standard: 250 to 900 nm

Data Transfer Speed: 85ms/scan

  • VIS: 360-850 nm

14 bits, 0.4MHz

  • NIST-Traceable, ISO17025 Accredited Calibration**

No Trigger

Resolution: 2.4 nm with 50 micron slit

No Synchronization

CCD Array: 2048 Pixel Sony ILX511

Dynamic Dark Correction: Yes

Focal Length: 45 mm

Non-Linearity Calibration: Yes

Blaze: 400 nm

Temperature Range: 15 - 40°C

Dynamic Range: 2184

Size: 96 x 112.4 x 32.5 mm

Symmetrical Czerny-Turner

Radiometric Accuracy:

Stray Light: <0.2% @ 600 nm

  • 200 nm - 350 nm: ±20%

Signal/Noise: 372:1

  • >350 nm - 400 nm: ±10%

Sensitivity: 75 photons/count @ 600 nm

  • >400 nm - 900 nm: ±5%


** (Note: Dual range calibration with D2 and QTH light source is strongly recommended for broadband measurements encompassing UV below 350 nm due to low output of the QTH lamp which increases the difficulty of accurate UV calibration.)


The ILT550 Spectroradiometer comes standard in two standard ranges, ILT550 Broadband 250-900 nm (calibration options single source 200-350 nm or 350-900 nm, Dual cal 200-950 nm). ILT550V Visible 360-850 nm (calibration 360-850 nm). Custom units are available.

To make ordering easy, ILT offers numerous complete measurement systems which include everything you will need to take accurate, calibrated light measurements.


  • ILT550 Irradiance Spectroradiometer System (ILT550V for VIS Only) includes the ILT550 spectroradiometer, 600 micron 1 meter long fiber optic, W2 wide eye diffuser, Dual source calibration from 250-900 nm, SpectrILight III software, Tripod and carrying case. (Order ILT550V for VIS only version including ILT550V.)
  • ILT550C Irradiance/Illuminance Spectroradiometer System includes the ILT550 spectroradiometer, WD direct mount diffuser, Dual source calibration from 250-900 nm, SpectrILight III software and carrying case. (Order ILT550VC for VIS only version.)
  • ILT550RAA Colorimetry/Right Angle Irradiance Spectroradiometer System includes the ILT550 spectroradiometer, P11 rigid fiber optic light guide with RAA4 right angle diffuser, Dual source calibration from 250-900 nm, SpectrILight III software and carrying case. (Order ILT550VRAA for VIS only version.)
  • ILT550P Power/Flux Measurement Spectroradiometer System includes the ILT550 spectroradiometer, P11 rigid fiber optic light guide, INS50 2” integrating sphere, Dual source calibration in Watts/Lumens from 250-900 nm, SpectrILight III software, Tripod and carrying case. (Order ILT550PV for VIS only version.)
  • ILT550R Luminance/Radiance Measurement Spectroradiometer System includes the ILT550 VIS spectroradiometer, FFO220SC-3 fiber optic light guide, R3 Spot luminance optic, A706 light source, Single source calibration for radiance/luminance from 380-850 nm, SpectrILight III software, Tripod and carrying case. (Not recommended for UV measurements.)


Prefer to configure your own light measurement system? The ILT550B and ILT550VB base spectroradiometers can be sold separately allowing customers to choose from our vast array of optics, accessories, calibrations, and software options. 




Optional Accessories


10-inch integrating sphere  R2 Radiance Optic for use with ILT spectroradiometer systems with additional calibration R3 Spot Radiance Optic for use with ILT spectroradiometer systems with additional calibration Spot Finder 5-inch Integrating Sphere for use with ILT radiometers and spectroradiometers 


  • Three integrating spheres; 2, 5 and 10 inch
  • Two luminance optics; spot luminance and +/- 2 Deg FOV
  • Three versions of cosine receptors; mini, standard, right angle
  • Four fiber optic cables; bundled 2 m L, 600 um 1 m long, 200 um .5 m Long, Bifurcated
  • Validation lamp and power supply for integrating spheres, reference measurements
  • Reflectance reference - white
  • Spot finding light source for luminance optics
  • Optical Bench post
  • SpectrILight III Software 




SpectrILight III Software


SpectriLight III Software

SpectrILight™ III is a LabView™ based software package for Windows that allows you to acquire spectral and color data. Analysis of the data is now calculated instantly within the same program - no exporting required!


The NEW version of SpectrILight™ III has additional calculations for metamerism, and 2 and 20 degree observer. The new Overlay feture allows the user to compare the base reading to current radings. Wavelength range, integration time, scan average and other controls can be easily set through pop up windows, menus and tool bars. Absolute Irradiance and chromaticity are calculated instantly.

SpectrILight™ III is LabView™ based software and can be easily customized for specific OEM applications. For API applications, Multiple DLL’s are available. Please contact DTX Technical Sales for more information.


Requires Windows XP Pro or Windows 7 Pro Editions (Pentium II 300 MHz or better). Note: Software will not work with Windows "Home" editions.



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